Emillycious’ Cooking Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Always remove the meat from the refrigerator half an hour minimum before cooking. It has to be room temperatureĀ 

Use salted pasta water for pasta sauce. The water makes it more luscious

Never overcrowd the pan if you want your food to be cooked all the way through and have a nice color

When cutting raw meat or poultry on a cutting board, always wash it thoroughly before cutting anything else

Never add the garlic to sautee at the same time with the onion, onions take more time to cook and garlic burns pretty fastĀ 

Invest in bench scrapers, it’s much more easier to transfer the chopped ingredients from the cutting board to the pan

When cooking a steak, always let it rest for 5-10 minutes, that way you’ll have a juicy steak full of flavor

Always add the pasta in boiling water. If the water is not boiling you’ll end up with gummy and sticky pasta

Always cook with fresh ingredients, if possible. That way you will preserve the nutritional values of the meal and it’s always tastier that way

Always prep your ingredients before cooking, that way you’ll be able to have more time to dedicate for cooking the meal

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