Chocolate Chunk Brownies

40 minutes


6 people

Have you tried my chocolate chunk cookies? If not, get ready for the ultimate upgrade. The most chocolatey, gooey, mouthwatering, and heartwarming dessert ever. One bite, and you’ll never go back to the regular brownies. I don’t make these very often because of the richness, but when I do, they disappear in a whiff.



Adjust Servings
7 oz unsalted softened butter at room temperature 200 g
3.5 oz brown Muscovado sugar 100 g
5.3 oz white granulated sugar 150 g
5.3 oz melted dark chocolate 150 g
3 medium eggs at room temperature
1.7 fl oz espresso or instant coffee 50 ml
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 oz dark cocoa powder 30 g
3.2 oz all-purpose flour 100 g
Pinch of salt
1 Chocolate chunk batter
3.5 oz white chocolate chunks (optional) 100 g


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